Welcome, Webster House Wednesday Market!

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Webster HouseLast year, as local Chef Brandon Wynn was looking around the Webster House, he realized that he had a space that could be used to bring the community together – the patio! After some brainstorming with local foodies, Chef Brandon Wynn decided to open the space as a local farmers’ market, and, here at Kansas City Farmers’ Markets, we’re very excited about their First Annual Opening Day Celebration on May 4th!

For those of you who don’t know, Webster House is one of Kansas City’s premier dining destinations.

Wester House is known for serving high-quality, locally-sourced, and amazingly-prepared dishes. Because they have worked closely with the Kansas City Food Circle to source from their network of growers and producers, many of the dishes they serve are grown by your favorite area farmers, and every dish is a pleasure to see and to taste.

The great locally-sourced food is all the reason anyone really needs to visit Webster House, so their new farmers’ market makes it a bucket list visit for every area foodie.  Here at Kansas City Farmers’ Markets, we’re very excited about the idea of extending the farm-to-table dining experience through the farmers’ market!

If you are a Wednesday evening market shopper, you are going to love the Webster House Wednesday Market!

Since this is a KC Food Circle Featured Market, you can shop knowing that all items available were produced following KC Food Circle’s rigorous standards. While you’re enjoying your worry-free shopping with your favorite producers, you can also enjoy local-food-inspired “small bites”.  Added bonus: when you’re done shopping, you can step into the restaurant and enjoy a mid-week family dinner out. Can a shopping trip get any more perfect? We don’t think so.

Here’s the nitty gritty

Opening Day: May 4th, 2016

Weekly Hours: Wednesdays, 4:30pm-6:30pm

Closes for rain: No

What to expect:

  • KC Food Circle approved veggies, cheese, beef, and pork.
  • Chef Brandon Wynn’s local-food-inspired “small bites”. Yum.
  • Webster House dinner after market could become a new family tradition!
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