It’s Opening Day Celebration Season!

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We love this time of year!  If the blooming tulips and fragrant thyme aren’t enough to make you smile, there’s the fact that we’re about to be deep in the middle of Opening Day Celebration season!  For the next eight weeks or so, KC area farmers’ markets will be celebrating opening day nearly every week!

If that excites you, we’d like to officially welcome you to the “Friends of the Markets” club!

Are any of our fellow Friends of the Markets up for an “Opening Day Celebration Season” challenge?

Is six opening market days in 8 weeks a sufficient challenge?

We think it sounds easy peasy! As a bonus, if you’re up to the challenge – we have three prizes (from our KCFM Featured Markets, worth about $5) to award to those who complete the challenge!

Step 1: Contact us to register and get further instructions.

Step 2: Go to opening day at all your favorite KC Farmers’ Markets – and maybe one or two you’ve never been to before.

Step 3: Use the instructions we provided to confirm your attendance at each market.  Once we have validation of your attendance at six KC farmers’ markets’ opening day celebrations, you’re in the winner’s circle, and we’ll send you a certificate of awesomeness for your efforts!

Step 4: On June 30th, we’ll determine the prize winners by drawing three names from the winners circle.

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