Fresh tomato soup

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Tomatoes are one of the founder’s favorite fruits. Mouthwateringly huge beefsteaks, lusciously round romas, or delightfully snackable cherries, she can’t get enough.

All tomatoes are not beautiful (even if they are all delicious), and tomato soup is a perfect way to use your ugly tomatoes. Your pretty ones will taste just as delicious, though – don’t be shy! Throw them all in!

We tried to pin down the founder’s recipe, but she insists that she doesn’t make her soup the same two times in a row…everything – the number of tomatoes, the seasonings, even whether or not it’s cooked(!!) changes depending on the weather and what herbs and veggies she finds at market.

So, instead of sharing the founder’s recipes, we’re going to point you to worlds of inspiration for fresh tomato soup, three ways:

Happy Fall, Friends of the Market!

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