5 reasons the Northeast Farmers’ Market is the best place in the NE to get produce

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It was late in the market season and late in the afternoon when I headed out t0 the Northeast Farmers’ Market.

I hadn’t been out to this market before, and I was excited to visit, so as soon as my sweetie arrived home, I hopped in the car and headed over.  While the Northeast Farmers’ Market isn’t in my neighborhood, it’s just a quick 15-minute drive away. I traveled out Independence,  hoping my GPS was guiding me correctly, and scanning the side of the road for the tent-dotted parking lot that Friends of the Market recognize as the signature of a KC Farmers’ Market in progress.  Before I spotted the tents, I spotted signs, and easily found parking directly next to the market.

It’s worth noting that I am “that” market customer – the one who comes in 15 minutes before closing and wants to chat about growing methods.  I know it doesn’t make me the ideal market customer, and I completely understand when I get the cold shoulder from vendors who are ready to go home.  I was pleasantly surprised, though, at the welcome, friendly attitude of each of the Northeast Farmers’ Market Vendors.  My last stop, at just minutes to closing, was at the Adams’ Osage Ridge Aronia Community Farm stand, where Kathy was happy to chat with me about her farm and about vending at Northeast Farmers’ Market.

I Love KC Food Circle growers!

One of my favorite things about this market is that 4 of the regular vendors are KC Food Circle growers, which means that, as a consumer, I already trust the quality of their food.  Adams’ Osage Ridge Aronia Community Farm is a KC Food Circle vendor, so I was very happy when Kathy took the time to tell me about the berries she grows and the other farms they work with.  I ended up buying cucumbers, not berries, but I might have to go back just for the berries.

Although I took my time at market, chatting up the market manager and the market vendors, I was back home within an hour; even folks who don’t live in the Northeast will find that this market is convenient for an after-work shopping trip.

I had a wonderful experience at the NE Farmers’ Market, and I expect that it will become a landmark in the coming years.

5 reasons NE Farmers’ Market is the best place in the NE to get produce – and reasons you should make visiting this market a part of your weekly routine.

  1. You already know your vendors. 2015 is the NE Farmers’ Market’s first year of operation, but customers who have shopped at the La Chalupa Farmers’ Market will find many familiar faces when they come to market as the NE Farmers’ Market was created in response to the closing of the La Chalupa Farmers’ Market.
  2. Your vendors are your neighbors. New visitors to the market may also find familiar faces among the vendors as many of the items at the NE Farmers’ Market are grow within walking distance!
  3. Your vendors love you. The vendors are friendly, talkative, and eager to share recipes and information about their growing methods.  When I asked why they loved vending at Northeast Farmers’ Market, they said you – their customers – are the reason they love coming to market every week.
  4. Great produce variety. I love shopping at farmers markets and have to give myself a small budget to ensure I don’t overstock our kitchen and waste delicious goodies. This visit, I passed up heirloom tomatoes and mouth-watering apples in favor of a generous helping of locally-grown green beans, hot peppers, cucumbers, and a bundle of lovely chocolate scented mint.
  5. Cut flowers and more.  Many vendors have cut flowers, and you’ll also find coffee and baked goods and hand-sewn gifts at Northeast Farmers’ Market!  The complete Northeast Farmers’ Market vendor list is published on their website.
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